Weekly Homeschool Report + Friday Link ♥

First homeschool report post of 2015! 

Celeste and I returned to our regular homeschool routine this past Monday. It was nice to get back to a more quiet routine after the holidays break. 

Celeste continued her math lessons with Teaching Textbooks 5. 

We started a new read aloud, Where the Red Fern Grows,  as part of our language arts studies with Brave Writer. Copywork and some writing exercises were completed. We also played a few word games, bananagrams and some mad libs. 

We enjoyed our first poetry tea time of the year! 

In science, we are learning about constellations. In history, we read about life in Medieval villages. 

Celeste and I started volunteering at the local public library. We spent some time learning about the Dewey Decimal System before our first "shift". Celeste has dreamed about being a librarian for several years. Our first experience was wonderful, she told me she really liked every moment. 

We both had dentist appointments at the end of the week, and we met friends for a fun playdate filled with games, origami, and sweet treats! A sweet dog friend too! 

A little bit light on the homeschool work, but for the first week back, it was good. 

We didn't spend time online this week for homeschooling, so no link ♥ today to share with you. 

If you started homeschooling again this week, I hope you had a great week! 

I am linking this post to the weekly wrap-up hosted by Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers. 


  1. We started back this week, too, and it went more smoothly than I'd expected. I love your tea & poetry tradition!

  2. We are starting up again on Monday. It's a slow transition for us.

    I love seeing how your day unfolds with Celeste and the schedule/rituals of the day. I remember reading How the Red Fern Grows as a child and it was one of my favourites, although I balled through the end. I had a friend who worked in a used book store find a copy for me about 7 years ago and I was thrilled to have it again. It's an amazing story.

    Those tea cups! I swear they are the same ones I saw while watching Being Erica (for the third time!) last night. I was thinking they'd be a nice set!

    Enjoy your weekend! xx

  3. I'm going to start doing regular homeschool posts like this too. Use it as a secondary source for transcripts. This is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

    I found your blog from your post on the Hibernate Facebook page.


    Tina Johnstone


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