Weekly Homeschool Report + Friday Link ♥

Celeste and I had another week filled with learning and friends! 

This week started with a full Monday morning of reading. It was a last minute change from our regular routine. Celeste started her day with reading, even during breakfast. She was immersed in her book "Ava and Pip" by Carol Weston She asked if she could keep reading and I said yes! We both read all morning and then visited friends in the afternoon. 

Homeschooling is wonderful for the freedom to switch things around some days, and to be free to read all the time! 

The rest of the week was filled with our regular routine. Math lessons were completed as well as language arts. Spelling is still going very well. 

Tuesday was poetry tea time. 

Wednesday, Celeste played word games (Rory's Story Cubes)  with her dad who was off work. 

We continued reading the Arrow novel for this month, which is "Where the Red Fern Grows". Celeste likes the story of the dogs, but not the hunting scenes. We are nearing the end of the book and are starting our work on the writing project. 

Celeste finished her report on the Aquarius constellation this week. We read more from this fascinating book "Stories of the Zodiac". 

In history, we finished learning about cathedrals. Celeste read to me while I coloured, role reversal. It was lovely! 

We read a sweet story book "Cathedral Mouse".  We also learned about the crusades and read another very interesting book "Saladin", by Diane Stanley. 

Celeste also started her next hands-on project for history, which is sculpting a little statue out of plaster of Paris. She will sculpt next week.  

In our USA geography study, we read about New Jersey. 

We volunteered at the library again this week. Celeste had finished her book by then and was so pleased to be able to recommend it! 

We've had a bit of an origami obsession going on lately. Celeste learns new origami techniques from a library program once a month, and is also playing around with new folds at home. It has been a lot of fun, and I've made a few things with her too. 

On Thursday, Celeste had a friend over for lunch and board games. We all listened to musicals songs at the same time. Lots of fun and laughter! 

Here are a few favourite links from this week: 

♥ Celeste and I created a YouTube playlist a few weeks ago filled with her favourite musicals songs: Fun Dancing with Musicals & Movie Soundtracks.

BBC Hidden Kingdoms. We watched all 3 episodes on Netflix Canada this week, we love these!  
♥ Great list of cool YouTube science channels for kids, by what do we do all day (which is a great blog to visit too)

♥ Did you know that Friday, January 23 was National Handwriting Day? I shared this interesting article from International Business Times on my Snail Mail All Year facebook page. 

I am linking this post to the weekly wrap-up post by Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers. 

Have a great weekend, stay cozy! 


  1. what a great week. That book looks great for my 7 year old..I will have to look for it at our library! Great pictures!


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