Winter Vision Board & Yoga ~ Hibernate 2015

As part of the online workshop Hibernate from Beauty that Moves, I made a winter vision board using my winter wellness recipe. This workshop has already made such a nice impact on my life. I am really enjoying taking the time to slowly enjoy this season. 

I had cleared out the bulk of my magazines at the beginning of this year, but managed to find a few around the house to use for this project. I cut everything that I could find that related to my winter wellness recipe and then set out to place it all on my piece of paper. I used a blue sheet from 12x16 paper pad my mother-in-law had given me. I glued everything down and then used a little washi tape for more colour.

I really like this winter vision board. I remember playing around with making vision boards a few years ago. I didn't realize how I missed it! I think a seasonal board is a great idea that I would like to implement this year.  It is a fun process and a great visual reminder to see every day. 

I placed my winter vision board on my bulletin board, which sits above my desk, so I see it all the time and it's in our family room which means everyone else will see it too! 

As part of my focus on peace this year, I implemented daily yoga into my routine. I am following the 30 days of yoga with Adriene and loving it! I mentioned this in last week's homeschool report. Every morning that I practice yoga, I take a quick photo and post it on my instagram. Today, I made a little mosaic with all my photos so far. Yoga for me happens at 6:30am so the lighting isn't the best but I love it ♥.


  1. I love seeing your days of yoga and what a great idea to take a pic each day! My husband and I are going to do it together starting today. He sits in his office all day so this should be a good mid-day stretch for the bod.

  2. I think I might go make a vision board. I'm inspired!


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