Winter Wellness Recipe ~ Hibernate 2015

My winter wellness recipe, as inspired by the hibernate workshop, is a simple list of what makes me feel amazing. 

"Hibernate is a self-paced, four week, online retreat - a place to celebrate the pause that wintertime brings. A place to linger through the dark and quiet, to welcome stillness, and allow time to enjoy home and hearth."  from Beauty that Moves. 

I took some time thinking through this list, not wanting to write another "to-do" list or a list of goals. Instead, I created a list for this winter season that is similar but more detailed than my 2015 first aid kit from the Unraveling the Year Ahead workbook. A list, written in no particular order, that truly reflects what makes me happy during the winter. 

Winter Wellness Recipe 

daily yoga 
eating vegan with lots of raw veggies + fruits
fresh air + sunshine
making love
art ~ playing with paints, doodling, getting messy
learning with Celeste
quiet time in small amounts
time spent in nature
time with my husband, children, and friends
lovely tasty herbal tea

I also create a little cozy spot with a few special items for this hibernate season...a lovely candle (gift from my oldest daughter), a peace rock (painted years ago by same oldest daughter), a sweet blue fish dish with a special crystal, a glass jar filled with found beach treasures, yummy herbal tea (David's Tea Big Chill), books I read daily, along with tarot cards, all set on a mini quilt I received as part of a mail mini quilt swap I participated in years ago. 

I took Heather's 30 Day Vegan workshop last spring and enjoyed it very much. This Hibernate workshop just started and already is wonderful, the community in the private facebook group has been lovely too. I am looking forward to the next four weeks!

Hibernate: an online worshop by beauty that moves


  1. I loved this post! Your cozy spot is o peaceful.
    I'm loving the content of your blog, is always a pleasure to come here and read your words. So inspirational!


  2. I didn’t see wine on the list! :)

    I love it and I have to say you have a wonderful list. I've been really bad with the yoga lately. oops!

    I see you have the Wildwood Tarot. Very nice. I've eyed it many a time in the store... :)

  3. What a great list of things to enjoy all winter long. Love it!


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