A Day in the Life on a Canadian Island

This past Wednesday, I decided to document with the help of photos through my instagram, " a day in the life of.." us! Instead of the usual weekly homeschool report, I wanted to share this with you. 

I ended up taking 15 photos throughout the day. Instagram is wonderful, but I wanted to share and record these photos here, with their little stories attached. 

I start my day with yoga, then breakfast. Every since I did the raw cleanse, 
I love having just fruit and hemp hearts to start my day with. I often read while I am eating breakfast, since I am usually by myself. Herbal chai tea with my breakfast, yum! 

Once my teenagers left for school, Celeste and I started our homeschool day.

First is always math, then she worked on her grammar (pictured),  followed by spelling. Those three subjects took us one hour. 

Reading aloud forty five minutes from One Crazy Summer, for our Brave Writer Arrow language arts program,  while Celeste eats pickles and drinks David's Tea cocomint cream tea.

Wednesday is word games day so we played a few cards from 
the Usborne word puzzles cards together. Sitting on her skateboard.

Time for lunch! Celeste makes her own lunch every day. That day, it was home grown alfafa sprouts with sliced tomatoes, havarti cheese, and aioli suace on whole wheat bread. 

We read about the Wars of the Roses for our history course, while I had lunch. We took turns reading aloud. We use the Pandia Press History Odyssey curriculum. 

We missed our volunteer time at the library the last two weeks because of winter storms. This week we were able to go. Celeste recommended one of her favourite books "Wereduck" by Dave Atkinson. She loves recommending books! 

We both really like this moose sculpture at the Confederation Centre. We walked around town, stopping at the Comic Hunger to pick up a new My Little Pony comic book, before heading back home. 

Back home, it was time for cat cuddles and quiet reading for both of us. I put together my "mama's afternoon snack" and read a little more of my current book. 

The rest of the day for me involved a few loads of laundry, dinner preparation (leftovers), catching up on email and social media. After dinner, I drove my teens to their army cadets meeting, ran a few errands, and then came back home to some hot tea, oh she glows frozen pumpkin pie, and more reading. 

These were all the photos I shared throughout the day on instagram. It was fun to document all these moments! 

The rest of our week was productive, with five full days of school! 


  1. Looks like a lovely, peaceful day. :) I love the pic of Celeste with the cat.

  2. Warm greetings from Montreal. Wonderful, fun post and lovely photos. I love your owl mug, too. :)


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