Documented Life Project ~ Week Six: Simple Little French Girl

The theme for the Documented Life Project February is "layers you will love". This week is "when not to stop" for the art challenge, and "don't stop 'till you get enough" for the journal prompt. 

I really wasn't sure what to do with this journal prompt. I did understand the layers prompt. I took the blank page and started writing a few things. 

I then used a few acrylic paints and covered the page. After that was dry, I used a little gesso. Once dried, I doodled a little girl, inspired very much by this one. She looked very French to me, so I am calling her Little French Girl. 

I thought maybe I would add more doodles but I liked it more simple, so I just added a little scalloped edge. The simple little French girl. 


  1. love seeing your process! and I love your Little French Girl. :)


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