Journey North Mystery Class 2015

Celeste and I are participating in the Journey North Mystery Class again this year! It will be my 8th year since I did this activity with my two older kids too. It's a great educational experience and free! 

You can visit Journey North Mystery Class for more details or you can visit this introduction post which lists several links to posts I wrote in the past. 

The Mystery Class is already in week five, but it's not too late to join I think if you don't mind doing a little extra work at first. 

We have organized our charts so far by Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere based on the amount of daylight gained or lost over the first five weeks. (I noticed a little mistake on one of the charts and fixed it after I took the photo!)

We are not quite sure about the very top chart at this point. There is always one location that isn't quite straight forward for us each year! This year, Celeste is dividing the locations in half and taking care of her half. 

Are you participating in Journey North Mystery Class this year? Let me know by leaving a comment. 

Trying to work on our Mystery Class charts with Clara!