Minecraft Creeper Snack Mat

Celeste and I made a cute Minecraft creeper snack mat as a birthday gift for her friend. She is a big fan of Minecraft and we like to give homemade gifts as birthday presents whenever we can. 

I googled Minecraft creeper face for some images. The design of the face really works well for quilting and piecing work. I made a rough design on paper, then cut and assembled the face. 

Celeste's friend's favourite colours are turquoise and lime green so we used those for the creeper side of the snack mat. 

Celeste helped with some of the piecing and quilting too. She really likes using the sewing machine and cutting fabric.  

On the opposite side of the snack mat, we chose three happy bright fabrics. 

It was fun putting together this little quilting project. Celeste and I think the birthday girl really liked it too! 


  1. This is a fantastic project! Jude thinks we need to make some too.


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