The Story of Canada ~ Our Favourite Canadian Book {and Giveaway!}

The Story of Canada written by Janet Lunn and Christopher Moore is our favourite Canadian history book. We used in the past as a spine for a homeschool study of Canadian history, reading the entire book cover to cover. We have also referenced back to it over the years, making this book our Canadian History reference book. 

Page of Contents for The Story of Canada

This book covers the story of our country from the Ice Ages to the late 1990s. It is filled with beautiful paintings by Alan Daniel, historical photographs, maps, and many more. 

Trade routes up to 1650 are labelled on this map

I remember reading this book aloud during our Canadian history study and it was a pleasure to read aloud to my children. They liked to follow along, looking at the many visual additions to the text. The text is nicely divided and there are extra boxes filled with interesting additional information. 

This page's text talks about the Blackfoot and the Cree, while the image and text in the black box explains the difficulties that came with travelling in the Arctic.

The Story of Canada truly reads like a story, not a boring history textbook filled with only facts and dates, making history exciting to read about! 

"Many of the Fathers of Confederation can be seen in this painting of a ball at Province House in Charlottetown. Making Confederation was not all meetings and work. At Charlottetown and Quebec, the politicians and their families and guests dined and danced whenever they could."

At the back of The Story of Canada, there is a Chronology that spans from 75 millions years ago with "dinosaurs live in steamy forests and warm seas that cover much of what we now call Canada" to the year 2000 with "Canada enters a new millennium". 

This post answers the question asked by Lisa to the Canadian Homeschooling Blogging Team this month: "What is your favourite Canadian book?" . 

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There is an awesome giveaway this month, open to residents of Canada only, for ages 18 and up and ends March 11th at 11:59EST. The giveaway is a for this set of 8 youth books from Coteau Books called the Disaster Strikes! Series. Each book features a major disaster moment in Canadian History. Check out this title "A Terrible Roar of Water" by Penny Draper. 


  1. So many of the Canadian history curricula use this book as a spine - I was so hoping to get a copy for us to use this year. Managed to find a copy at one of the libraries not too far away. It is a great resource!
    Thanks so much for sharing. :)

  2. This is a fabulous book! I try and do Canadian history every second year...this is one of our main resources. :)

  3. I love the story of canada, my mom passed it down to me from our homeschooling years, my kids are a bit young for it yet but it has an honored place on my bookshelf ;)

  4. Looks interesting! I definitely want to add more Canadian materials to our curriculum as we keep going. Right now we're doing Grade 1 so I haven't done much for social studies / history but it's something that I really enjoy (I did a history minor in university and focused on Canadian history) so I'm looking forward to exploring it with my girls. Thanks for sharing this book! :)

  5. One of our favourite Canadian books is Something From Nothing by Phoebe Gillman. We also like the Canadian Flyer series.

  6. This looks like a fantastic resource for our Canadian history studies. I hadn't seen it before. Thank you for sharing this.


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