Weekly Homeschool Report ~ Snow Storm Week!

Prince Edward Island received a LOT of snow this past week (see this article from CBC News). Schools were closed for two days, and a PD Day on Friday. My teens didn't have school on Monday for the semester turn-around day for teachers. They only went to school one day! 

Celeste and I took two snow days off and completed two full days of school work. A lot of time was spent outside, shoveling snow for me and playing in it for Celeste. It was a light "schoolwork" week but with lots of time spent together. 

We started a new book for the Brave Writer Arrow language arts program called "One Crazy Summer" by Rita Williams-Garcia. It's a perfect choice to celebrate Black History Month. Celeste also continued her spelling practice. 

Celeste is learning about the sun in science and we completed a simple but interesting experiment to see if the sun's rays contain heat. The directions told us to put tea  bags in two glasses, one glass to be set outside in the sun for two hours, the other inside. We did this on a sunny day, but kept the glass inside for obvious reasons! Celeste had to record the temperatures at the start of the experiment and two hours later, as well as any changes in colour. 

I read to Celeste a delightful book by Virginia Lee Burton called Life Story. Part science book, part story, it was a great thrift store find and we both really liked it. Celeste loved some of her other stories when she was younger, still does actually! 

We read about the Celts in history this week. The two extra library books I picked to supplement our history readings were both very enjoyable. Brave Margaret and The Last Snake in Ireland were the titles. 

Celeste worked on the Celts Kingdoms map and vocabulary. 

We started our Mystery Class project this week! Celeste looks forward to this project each year now, and I am so glad because I've done this with my older two since we started homeschooling, or the year after I think...It's a great learning activity. 

Through a friend, we found out about this little boy's birthday wish. I shared the information through my Snail Mail All Year page. Celeste and I both wrote him birthday cards and included several stickers. 

After more snow shoveling last night, I noticed how clear the night sky was so I asked Celeste to come outside to look at the stars. She loves doing this and we had a wonderful time together lying in the snow looking at different constellations, Orion the Hunter, the Big Dipper, and what we think was Taurus. 
The photo I shared on instagram is grainy but I wanted to preserve the memory. 

How was your week? Did you get a lot snow where you live?