A Gracious Space by Julie Bogart ~ A Review

A Gracious Space is a collection of daily reflections for homeschooling from Brave Writer creator Julie Bogart. There are 50 essays in the Winter Edition, each a wonderful, supportive, and encouraging article for homeschooling parents. 

This book is available in digital format or print at the Brave Writer Store. 

This is the second title in the Gracious Space series, the first one was the Fall Edition. The Fall Edition also contained 50 essays. 

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Both books are wonderful for daily reading. 

I personally read one essay each morning, along with my other daily reading at breakfast. There is something very relaxing and gentle with starting my morning this way. I have two teenagers who attend senior high school. I wake them and make their lunches every school morning. By the time I am finished with that routine, Celeste is up and I am ready for breakfast. She often has her breakfast a little later so I am often eating alone and so it is perfect for some quiet reading! 

The entries are diverse, at times about writing, like the "Top Ten Myths About Writing". Others are very personal feeling, like one of my favourites "A Lot Depends on You" which includes a lovely thank you list for all we do, or "In Defense of the Disillusioned" or even "Homeschooling During Delicate Situations". Others give practical advice, like "Three Fail-Safe Activities to Bust Boredom" or "The Four Principles of a Healthy Homeschool". 

Many are affirming essays, so wonderful to read at the start of the day. I have often had a smile on my face after reading these, and felt like Julie, the author, was sitting right next to me encouraging me along and sharing her wisdom. 

I don't want to make it sound like only "down" homeschool parents would benefit from this book! I believe everyone would benefit, because who doesn't like receiving a "pat on the back' or a "keep going, you are doing great" message?! Even on my best days, I still like to hear encouraging words. Many entries are wonderful inspiration or mind openers! 

Lastly, I appreciate very much that this book of essays is written without any religious influence or flavour.  The focus here is on the homeschooling lifestyle. Regardless of the author's religious affiliations or background, she does not mention any in her book. This is very refreshing. 

Disclosure: As a Brave Writer brand ambassador, I received a digital and a print copy of A Gracious Space, Winter Edition. This post reflects my personal thoughts and opinions. I was not compensated for my time or for writing this review post. 


  1. Hmmm, sounds like a cool book. I should check it out. I like your quiet time! I get a bit of quiet every day too, but mine is usually at the end of the day when I nurse my youngest to sleep. I'm working on weaning her but I think I'll miss my quiet time when that happens... :) LOL! Thanks for sharing.

  2. sounds like a good book. though I have to admit, I would find it hard to write a book of encouragement without letting my personal philosophy of life (religious or not) from seeping through. So that aspect intrigues me. :)

    though I have to admit, as I was reading your review I kept wondering... what in the world are you eating for breakfast????

  3. Interesting sounding book. I think everyone needs encouragement - especially homeschooling moms! Thanks for sharing!

    (And I'm with Annette - you have some crazy interesting breakfasts! Likely more healthy than my bowl of chocolate Cheerios... haha).


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