Yoga Every Day with Yoga with Adriene and More!

After completing the 30 days of yoga in January, I loved the daily practice so much that I had to keep going, every single day. I also continue to document my daily yoga on my instagram

February 3 to 17

Most days, I continue the rotation of the 30 days of yoga videos

Other days, I choose a different video, always from the Yoga with Adriene channel. All these videos are free by the way. All I have purchased to be able to do yoga at home is a mat! Adriene says you can use a towel if you don't have a mat. Easy! 

I love that she has so many different videos, of different lengths. My back was sore for a few days and the Yoga for Lower Back Pain really helped.  The Yoga for When you are Sick is wonderful too. 

I have done a few of the Foundations of Yoga too. There are so many videos and a new episode is added every Wednesday. I doubt I will ever get bored! 

February 18 to March 5

My husband joined me for a few days to try yoga for himself. It was so nice to share that with him. 

Adriene mentions in her videos to "find what feels good". Yoga feels good to me so I keep at it, yoga every day

At the start of this month of March, my childhood friend Cheyenne suggested I participate in the journey to handstand challenge through instagram. She is currently training to be a yoga teacher. She is writing all about that at "the yoga teacher training experience".  

I could understand why she was doing this challenge, but as a beginner I didn't think I was ready! The challenge is meant for all levels and I am following as much as I can, doing what I can! I am learning so much. I did a handstand for the first time since I was a child, with help from my husband. I also walked up the wall, see in the bottom right of mosaic below! Lots of fun!

March 1 to 12 for journey to handstand!