A Gracious Space: Spring Edition ~ My Review

Brave Writer creator Julie Bogart has released a Spring Edition to her wonderful book "A Gracious Space". It is a lovely collection of entries that are supportive and inspiring for homeschool parents. 

The Spring Edition is a collection of 50 "daily reflections to sustain your homeschooling commitment". As the previous editions, each reflection is different, with a different thought and theme. 

The Spring Edition is available in print format and digital edition at the Brave Writer Store. 

A few of my favourites and most inspiring entries in this edition so far are:

"Be Interested in Your Child's Thinking" ~ an important reminder, with a great example from Julie's experiences when her daughter decided to adapt a vegan lifestyle. 

"You Can Only Do What You Can Do" ~ filled with practical advice, especially about what to remember when one wants to make big changes.

"Provide an Education" ~ invaluable advice about our roles as home educating parent.

Julie Bogart continues to inspire and deliver practical advice. I personally continue to enjoy the daily entries, reading one each day with my breakfast. It's a great way to start my homeschool day. 

I very much enjoyed the Winter Edition as well and wrote a review here. 

Disclosure: As a Brave Writer brand ambassador, I received a digital and a print copy of A Gracious Space, Winter Edition. This post reflects my personal thoughts and opinions. I was not compensated for my time or for writing this review post. 


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