Walking the Confederation Trail ~ Charlottetown Branch

The Confederation Trail is a trail that spans across Prince Edward Island. It is a lovely way to see many parts of the island and I am hoping to walk as much as I can over the next several months. 

I will share some of my adventures here with you, along with photos of course! 

There is a main trail and several branches off the trail. The trail follows the old railway lines. This trail is also part of the Trans Canada Trail. 

I started with walking the Charlottetown Branch with a friend. 

The Charlottetown Branch starts at Grafton Street to Royalty Junction and is 9 km long. I walked this portion on April 12. We still had a lot of snow on the ground. It was a sunny day, but still cold at 4 degrees Celsius. 

This part of the trail goes through the city and is a great way to get to various places. I've walked it from the farmers market to my husband's work a few times. 

The city part of the trail was mostly clear of snow, but in some parts was flooded. My friend and I enjoyed looking at the ice on parts of the trail. We also enjoyed looking at the water that was trickling down and melting. 

Once passed the bypass, the trail was still covered with snow, quite deep in parts. It made the walking much slower but still very enjoyable. 

I very much like to learn all the time and appreciate the signs found throughout on the trail. Some signs explain the wildlife and vegetation nearby, the history, or other interesting facts. 

Not all the signs were clear to read yet! 

The view was spectacular at this spot on the trail. I can't wait to see more of the island from the Confederation Trail.