Homeschool Report + Links ♥ ~ The Last Four Months!

It has been a long time since I wrote a homeschool report on my blog. I think it is time for one, before our homeschool year comes to a close! 

Having only one child at home makes it very easy to complete our homeschool routine, which leaves us plenty of time for play, exploration, and pursuing our own interests.

This past winter was harsh on Prince Edward Island. Charlottetown even broke a record of the most snowfall (see link at the end of this post). All the snow days and winter weather made us very grateful to be homeschooling and being able to stay cozy! We did take most of the snow days my teenagers had off from school, but we still accomplished the majority of what we had set out to do. 

Snow Day Monopoly with her big sister and brother! 

The highlights of the last few months would be a lot of reading. We absolutely love the books we read for our language arts program from Brave Writer, Arrow. 

Same Sun Here, one of our favourites 

I started doing book reviews for Raincoast Books and we enjoyed reading the books they sent. Lots of cozy times on our couch, reading, on all those dreary winter days.  

We worked on a few writing projects together as well, but not too many! Celeste is a late bloomer when it comes to writing, and I have given her the time she needs to get comfortable. An ongoing writing project, which she enjoys, is writing letters to her pen pals.

Writing to her pen pals

Another homeschool subject we both enjoyed these past few months is Art History. I put together a study last summer for us, based on several Usborne books and a handful of other books we had. Celeste has been very interested in learning about each artist. 

Celeste and I started volunteering at the local public library together. She has wanted to be a librarian since she was about four! It's been a really good experience for both of us! Every week, she recommends a book before we leave. It's always a book she has read and loved. Here are a few of previous weeks:

We also spent a lot of time cooking together. An awesome local chef, Chef Ilona, wrote a recipe especially for Celeste and included it in the local magazine called G! Celeste loves to play in the kitchen with me, or by herself. She makes herself breakfast and lunch, almost every day. 

Making Bhudda's Bliss Vegetable Dumplings

There was a lot of playing in the snow too, mostly for Celeste...So much snow fell and was pilled on to our front yard, Celeste had her own sledding hills where normally our yard is flat! She loved it. 

So much snow, so much fun! 

So much to write about! Time with friends, our regular poetry tea time, swimming lessons, games we played, and the rest of our homeschool subjects...If I wrote about everything, this post would be way too long! We truly love our homeschool life and we are both so grateful for it. 

Here are a few favourite links: 

Charlottetown breaks snowfall record: Total since November reaches 546.6cm, beating 539cm in winter 1971-72. CBCNews. (that's 216.37 inches, or over 18 feet!). 

Horrible Histories, Angry Azetcs ~ a favourite of Celeste. We try to match what we are learning in history with an episode or two of these! 

10 Reasons why kids need to read non-Disney fairy tales by Melissa Taylor.

Poetry resources from Brave Writer for Poetry Tea Time

Spring issue of Home School Life magazine ~ so full of awesomeness! 

Celeste and I 

Until next homeschool report, have a great week! 


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