Weekly Homeschool Report + Links ♥

The last week of May already! 

This past week was a productive week in mostly Math and History. Celeste has been really interested in history lately. She is motivated to finish the curriculum and start the next time period! 

We learned about the Renaissance, and read extra books from the library. Starry Messenger by Peter Sis is one of two books this week that I read to Celeste which I remember reading to my older two children several years ago. It's an excellent living book about Galileo Galilei. 

The second book that I recalled was The Discovery of The Americas, another great book about world explorers, focusing on the late Middle Ages. We looked up their routes on our globe. 

Celeste is almost done her lessons in Math for the year. We will take a few weeks off and then start again with Teaching Textbooks 6. She might start back with only 2 or 3 days a week at first. I have found over the years that long breaks are not the best thing for math. 

Celeste and I are doing a bit of an author study, reading as many books by Steve Jenkins as we could get from the library. We started by reading Down Down Down. His books are fascinating, I can't believe we didn't really know about him before! 

Grammar was completed twice this week. We started reading the Brave Writer book for May, but Celeste pretty much begged me to stop reading it. Many people love the Little House in the Prairie books, but not my daughter! We will soon be receiving new books to review and are both looking forward to those. 

We have been working on a writing project in the Faltering Ownership program by Brave Writer. Celeste is doing a book jacket on Finding Serendipity. 

Inspiration hit Celeste during her Math lesson this week. She had a poem in her head and ran to her room for her notebook to write the poem down. I love when she follows her heart and inspiration! She read it to me then went back to her math. 

We went to the library to volunteer this week and decided to take a break for the summer. We both recommended books. It has been a great experience for both of us. 

Celeste had her swimming lessons on Monday. We both spent some time in our garden this week, enjoying spring together. 

We also spent two days this week with friends, enjoying their country home and the beautiful weather we had! 

Favourite links we ♥ this week: 

♥ The new book list is up for the 2015-2016 Arrow from Brave Writer

♥ The Milky Way documentary is available now. Celeste and I watched the trailer and we both want to see the full documentary. Check out this article at the Kind Life by Alicia Silverstone. 

Steve Jenkins book list