Yoga in April: Daily Yoga with Adriene + DetoxYoBody

Snowga ~ April 28

I continued my daily practice through the month of April. I am at the point now that I can't imagine not doing yoga every single day. It just feels like part of my routine. Some days I don't get to it first thing in the morning, so I do lunch time yoga or even a night time one. I absolutely love it. I feel like I am constantly learning about my body and how far I can push it. It has been so beneficial for my mind and soul. 

Here are a mosaic of my daily instagram photos, in chronological order from left to right by rows: 

April 1 to 16

April 17 to 30

I continue to use Yoga with Adriene videos at home for my daily practice. 

I also participated in my second instagram yoga challenge in April. I followed the DetoxYoBody mini video prompts from Kerri Verna (beachyogagirl) and Kino MacGregor (kinoyoga). 

The first 16 days of DetoxYoBody: 

And the last 14 days of DetoxYoBody in April: 

I decided to create a separate instagram account towards the end of April since I post a lot of yoga photos and wanted to keep my main account for my homeschool and adventures photos! This way, I also use my yoga instagram to follow other yogis. It's worked out very well so far. 

You can find my new yoga instagram account at lifeonislandyoga 

I invited others to join me in  "stop drop and yoga" instagram fun in April. I was in the middle of eating my afternoon snack and reading an article in the Yoga Journal magazine that explained it so I dropped everything and got into goddess pose! 

Peace to you until next month's yoga report!