Ava and Pip ~ Book Review

Ava and Pip by Carol Weston is now one of my daughter Celeste's favourite books! She absolutely loved it and so I asked her to write a short review about it. 

From what she told me of the story, I can understand why she would love it. The characters are like her big sister and her in a few ways. An interesting fact is how much the family loves palindromes and now Celeste looks for them everywhere! 

Celeste's review: 

Meet Ava Wren and her shy big sister Pip. While trying to help her sister, Ava makes a big mistake, but luckily Ava finds a way to fix it. 

Will Ava find a way to make her sister less shy? 

And will Ava's mom and dad finally care about her the way they do about Pip? 

I like this book because I have a big sister that is shy too! She is not as shy anymore, but she used to be half that shy. 

Celeste writing her first book review for my blog!

You can find Ava and Pip at:
and check your local bookstore!  

Disclosure: I received a sample item for review from Raincoast Books. All opinions expressed are completely honest and my own and Celeste's, based on our personal experience. Your experience may differ. 


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