The Stolen Smile ~ Book Review

The Stolen Smile written by J. Patrick Lewis and illustrated Gary Kelley is a story told by Vincenzo Peruggia, thief of the Mona Lisa in 1911. 

This particular story is based on real events. We particularly enjoyed that the story was told from the thief's point of view. We were transported to 1911 Paris with him: 

"Let me recount for you the ingenious method of my resolve, my passion on that fateful August night in 1911 Paris." 

We find out the thief's journey, and how the world reacted to the disappearance of the Mona Lisa. We learned about what other events in the world, such as the Titanic and the Great War, helped the thief with his plan to bring the painting back to Italy. 

We know that the Mona Lisa is safely in the Louvre today, and we find out how she got back there in this story. The endnotes are filled with historical facts, which I really enjoyed reading. 

Celeste and I really enjoyed the illustrations and the story of the Stolen Smile. I know we will read this story again, especially as part of our art history study. 

I found a few extra interesting links that were related to this story:

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