Weekly Journal + Links ♥

Kings Castle Provincial Park 

This past week was another fun-filled week, but with many many mosquito bites for Celeste and I! Our computer had to go back a second time for repairs. I am truly hoping it will be fine now. We have decided to finish our homeschool year and start again August 3rd. 

The week started with Celeste's last swimming lesson. She really enjoyed this session with our homeschool group and is planning on going for the next level, hopefully in the fall. During her lesson, I worked on another book review. I absolutely love this book. 

Working on a book review at the pool

On Tuesday, we traveled with our friends to Kings Castle Provincial Park for a special hooping fun day with many homeschool friends. Celeste and I hadn't been to this park yet. It is a beautiful place, with many fun playground structures. The mosquitoes were enjoying themselves too, unfortunately! Still, we had a great time, playing and chatting together. The moms played too, doing a little yoga together. One of the moms gave us a fire hoop demonstration, and there were many hoops to play with for everyone too. A great day (minus the mosquitoes)! 

Beach at Kings Castle Provincial Park
Cool fire hooping homeschool mom!

On Wednesday, we spent time with another homeschool family, at our house this time for more fun with video games and outside too with bubbles and hoops! Our friend made us delicious muffins, so sweet! 

Yummy vegan muffins from a friend

Thursday started as a lovely sunny day and the beach was calling us. We made some last minute plans with more homeschool friends to head to the PEI National Park. By the time we arrived, rain was falling. Still, we decided to stay and make the best of it. After a while, the rain finally stopped long enough for us to enjoy some time on the beach. Mosquitoes were persistent there too, which was a little surprising since the beach usually doesn't have that problem.

Fun on the Beach and also keeping sheltered from mosquitoes! 

We completed some of our homeschool work this week too! 

Celeste continued to work on her writing project from the Brave Writer Faltering Ownership curriculum. She also wrote a book review for this blog that I will post very soon. 

Writing a book review

Math is now completed for the year! We managed to fit in the last few lessons when the computer was working. 

In history, we studied the Elizabethan time. Celeste and I enjoyed reading about Elizabeth I, Bloody Mary, and Mary Queen of Scots. We particularly like reading from this Usborne book to add extra information to our study. 

Learning about Britain Royalty

We also found a very interesting and well done documentary from the History Channel called Mankind the Story of All of Us. It can be graphic and violent, as history has been, at times so you might want to preview the episodes before watching with your children. Check the bottom of this post for the link and trailer. 

The rest of the week was filled with a lot of reading as usual and playing together. We were also finally able to plant our baby plants in our garden patch! I have also been working on some happy colour bags. This last one is made with selvages only. I really like it! 

Happy Colour Bag I made with selvages

Links ♥ from this week: 

♥ Mankind the Story of All of Us from the History Channel 

♥ A great article from Brave Writer "It's the relationship, sweetheart" 

♥ Summer Solstice is coming soon. Check out this post at Farmer's Almanac and this one from Mystic Mamma for many ideas to celebrate. 

I am planning on continuing the weekly homeschool reports throughout the summer, because learning happens all the time, even if we are technically off our regular schedule. 

Have a great weekend!