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Our first week of summer break was very enjoyable! 

A little walk along North River

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Celeste and I finished our history study of Middle Ages with the last lesson which focused on William Shakespeare. We used Pandia Press History Odyssey this past homeschool year and will continue in August with the next level. 

One of Celeste's friends spent an afternoon with us. Andre, her mom and I played Munchkin together. I think we will have to get our own game soon, it was a lot of fun! 

Both of my teens were busy with exams most of the week, and Adrienne (my oldest) with her exams and prom. I played taxi quite a bit this past week! 

Adrienne's zombie prom shoes

One day after exams, my girls and I stopped at one of the food trucks in town for lunch, which was Southern comfort style food and quite tasty. The Hush Puppy Po' Boys food truck had friendly service too! 

The week was also filled with lots of time spent outside, especially in our garden. Celeste, Andre and I played tennis at Queen Elizabeth Park on a beautiful evening. Once we had enough of tennis, I took advantage of the park's thin beach to walk along North River while they had fun on the playground. 

Celeste and I spent time in our garden too, planting new seeds and baby plants, tending it and marveling at the growth there. 

I love using the easy macro gadget to take quick photos up close. It's been amazing to see the beauty of nature this way! 

The last book club meeting for the season was also this week. I hadn't finished reading the selected book, but still very glad I attended the meeting. 

I also finished reading the selection for One Book, One Island of this year: Except the Dying by Maureen Jennings, the first in the Murder Mysteries series. I have been enjoying the TV show on Netflix and didn't know it was a book series as well! I thoroughly enjoyed this first book and already put the second book on hold. I am hoping to attend one of the author public presentations this summer! 

The last meeting for the Army Cadets happened this week too. My son will be attending a six week camp in New Brunswick again this summer. He is looking forward to it, he will be in the military band camp this time. 

I spent some more time sewing and finished the tote bag for my friend. I really like using wood buttons! 

Lori's happy colour tote bag

Today, Friday is a rainy day. We ventured out to the library and the bank. We are now learning about another board game from Andre and finishing a colouring page I started last night..

A few favourite links for this week: 

One Book, One Island selection for 2015
Hush Puppy Po' Boys food truck in Charlottetown
Munchkin card game 
Easy Macro - the little gadget I add to my iPod Touch to take macro photos! 
History Odyssey Middle Ages by Pandia Press - the curriculum we used this past homeschool year 
Feel Inspired Colouring by Nadine Staff 

I wish you a great weekend!  


  1. Wow! What a full week! I just love those zombie shoes - they are the coolest. I think I'd probably break an ankle in them but it would be worth it.

    Yes, that macro is so much fun. I love the wee little ant! and you make me want to break out my sewing machine - I miss sewing...


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