Yoga in May ~ Daily Practice + 3 Challenges!

Five months of daily yoga! I am so grateful I started this daily practice. I know I keep repeating myself, but I am loving it so much, I can't imagine ever stopping! 

Yoga has brought so much to my life, already and in such a small amount of time.

I like to do a report each month here, so here is what I did in May: 

In May, I continued the daily practice of yoga, using the Yoga with Adriene free videos on YouTube. I often choose the 30 days of yoga videos. 

Here are my daily photos from my instagram. You can find me at lifeonislandyoga. It's nice to see an entire month in two mosaics. My dog and sometimes our cat joins me. I also really enjoy taking my photos outside lately!

Daily yoga practice ~ May 1 to 16

Daily Yoga Practice ~ May 17 to 31

This month, I also participated in 3 yoga challenges through Instagram. I found these to be a lot of fun and I have learned a lot from trying new poses. All the hosts of these challenges are wonderful at explaining the poses and sometimes they also show them with short videos. 

Here are the challenges I participated in, along with my usual mosaics of my daily photos for them. I added the Instagram names of the hosts and sponsors, so it would be easier for you to find them. You can also click on their names for the direct link to their Instagram accounts. 

"May I Begin Yoga 2015" was hosted by beachyogagirl and kinoyoga : 

May I Begin Yoga ~ May 1 to 16
May I Begin Yoga ~ May 17 to 31

"May I Be Grounded" was hosted by beckster13 (in Australia!) and sponsored by mukha_yoga_mats : 

May I Be Grounded ~ May 1 to 16

May I Be Grounded ~ May 17 to 31

"Om Opener" was a 15 day yoga challenge, from May 13 to 27. It was hosted by Yoga_Warrior_goddess, rima_danielle , namastewithjenamae , melisfit_ , bodysamantix . The sponsors were OmShantiClothing and OmSoulShop. 

In June, I will be continuing with my daily practice and I have also chosen four challenges. Here they are: 

See you in a month! 


  1. i am loving this whole series!!! I was doing yoga regularly
    and then I stopped and I just haven't been able to get back at it.
    but you make me want to go unroll my mat RIGHT NOW.


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