A Closer Look at Flowers ~ Dissecting Flowers and More!

This past week was the second week of the Mud Puddles Nature Summer Camp and the focus was on flowers. 

We learned so much about flowers! We first studied flower anatomy and type of flowers. 

Celeste's favourite activity was dissecting the flowers to look for the different parts. She especially enjoyed dissecting the bleeding heart flower, as well as looking for the ovary and ovule in each flower. 

I have to admit that my favourite activity was the flower hunt, looking around our own garden at all the different types. I continue to have a lot of fun with the easy macro tool and looking at flowers very closely through it.

Daisy not opened yet, St John's Wort, I don't know, and unopened yet! 

Purple Bellflower, Stitchwort, Daisies & Lavender, Buttercup 

The information and videos linked were very interesting. We also gathered a few wild rose petals and started the rose petal honey. It will be ready in a few days. 

A friend shared a video from Conservation International with Julia Roberts speaking as Mother Nature, which led us to look it up on YouTube, which led us to find out that there is a series of these powerful videos. Here is the one about the flower with Lupita Nyong'o:

See more of these powerful videos at Nature is Speaking

Celeste and I also played the matching game from last week's insect focus. Celeste quizzed me with the cards and I got half the matches correct. 

We learned a lot and were especially curious about the spittle bug, which I had noticed in my wild garden before. I went to look for it and found some. I didn't see the actual bug though, just the spit. We read in the NG Ultimate Bugopedia that after the spittle bug nymphs hatch from their eggs, they feed on plant sap. They eat more than they need and release the excess, mixed with a special substance from their body, from the tip of their abdomen. When this is mixed with air, it looks like spit. The nymphs live in this bubble of spit until they are adults. 

If you are interested, you can read my post about last week's Mud Puddles Nature Summer Camp: A Closer Look at Insects ~ Paper Wasps and More!

Mud Puddles Summer Nature Camp ~ Photo Courtesy of Mud Puddles


  1. I am so happy you & Celeste are enjoying camp! Thanks so much for sharing your experience.
    I love all of your macro flower shots!
    Wonderful video too!


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