Digging for Clams in Prince Edward Island

Celeste is participating in a wonderful weekly workshop this summer hosted by Chris Sallie of Island Food Skills Initiative. This week, she learned about digging for clams and cooking seafood chowder on the beach! I was happy to tag along! 

Since moving to the island, I've noticed people at low tide with shovels and buckets, especially on the South shore beaches around the island. It was neat experience to try it out! 

Sylvain Cormier from Everything Wild demonstrated how to dig properly for clams. We dug for razor clams. 

Sylvain demonstrating how to dig for clams

Razor clams sometimes squirt water out through little holes in the sand, so that is what we looked for to know where to dig. The razor clams can be quick at digging themselves deeper. 

Digging for clams

Razor clams 

Once everyone had collected enough razor clams, Chris started cooking the seafood chowder, explaining every step along the way. 

Chris cooking seafood chowder

Sylvain foraged some searocket to add to the chowder (in the photo above!). 

Victoria Provincial Park

It was a really amazing island experience, even if I didn't eat the seafood. Celeste and I did try the rest of the tasty chowder! 

Prince Edward Island is so beautiful, everywhere you turn! Here are two other favourite photos from our evening: 

Beautiful view as we left Victoria Provincial Park

Victoria Seaport Lighthouse