Lonely Planet Travel with Children ~ Book Review

The Lonely Planet Travel with Children: Family-Friendly Travel without the Fuss is a wonderful book to inspire and encourage you to travel with your kids! It is an awesome guide that is also so visually appealing, I found myself wishing I could travel the world with my children! 

I also really liked how organized this guide is. 

The first section "The Art of Travelling with Children" is filled with practical advice. What to think about and remember before you travel, during, and after the trip. The authors explain different types of vacations to take with your kids, from camping to boating to wildlife watching, with suggestions in specific countries. 

The guide is then divided in six sections: Europe, The Americas & The Caribbean, The Pacific, Asia, Africa &  The Indian Ocean, The Middle East. 

Each of these six sections is then divided by country. Each country is covered on a double page which is filled with suggestions of activities that children might enjoy in that particular country. There is also a "need to know" section, with important information such as "best time to go", "cost", "getting around", "mealtimes", and more. One of my favourite smaller sections in each country is the books for the young traveler list! 

This guide made me dream of vacations to take with my children. There are plenty of ideas to satisfy children of all ages, including teens! 

I really appreciated the cost section for each country. This information is important when planning a vacation and was filled with honest tips. For example, in the Eastern United States pages, under cost, there is a great advice of "Don't leave home without health insurance. Operations and hospital stays can be phenomenally expensive, and with no public health system, the patient foots the bill.

To cover so many countries in just a little over 200 pages certainly leaves out many countries and some information, but I found this guide to be an excellent book to use for being inspired and planning to travel with children. Travelling with children can be a wonderful experience for the whole family and this guide is very encouraging. With its glossy pages and beautiful photographs, it is a also a pleasure to read and get lost in day-dreaming of possible future holidays! 

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Disclosure: I received a sample book for review from Raincoast Books. All opinions expressed are completely honest and my own, based on my personal experience. Your experience may differ.