Weekly Journal + Links ♥ ~ Summer Love Edition!

Keppock Beach with Friends

What a beautiful week we had! The sun finally made a few days worth of appearances on the island and it felt wonderful! This week of summer holidays was filled with so many enjoyable moments. 

I started the week chatting with a friend via Skype about bullet journals. I will need to write about those here soon! We also caught up on homeschooling and life in general. Monday afternoon was spent playing with fabric. 

Learning and trying a bullet journal for the month of July

Summer Soul Camp continued and was filled with wonderful inspiration. The community on Facebook was great too, making one of my least favourite social media places a little more friendly! 

Harvest : Lemon balm leaves from my garden to make iced tea

We met homeschool friends on Tuesday for a field trip to Belfast Mini Mills. Check out my links ♥ section of this post for the link to my blog post. The white peacock was amazing to watch, as well as the wool process. 

Belfast Mini Mills

We spent the rest of that day with friends looking for a nice mosquito-free area to enjoy the sunshine. We visited Pinette Provincial Park and also Keppock beach. A truly perfect day, one that ends with wet sandy jeans! 

Canada Day was spent partly at Brackley Beach for Andre, Celeste and I. We had a good part of the beach to ourselves and even though the water was still cold, it was a really nice day. 

Canada Day Beach Fun

Thursday was a much needed day at home, spent catching up on the usual home duties that piled up while I was out enjoying the summer weather! I also took some time to sew. 

Yesterday, my husband was off and we took some time to connect by biking downtown together. We parked our bikes on Victoria Row and walked around, enjoying some delicious David's Tea iced tea and a tasty chocolate croissant from Breadworks. We also visited one of my favourite shops, Moonsnail. It was a perfect afternoon date together. 

Afternoon in Charlottetown

A few favourite links this week:

♥ The Summer Soul Camp hosted by Heather at Beauty that Moves is now officially done but I will be stretching this 10 day camp workshop over this whole month. Her daily emails have been inspiring and wonderful.

Bellfast Mini Mills field trip with our homeschool friends

♥ A few of my favourite Charlotetown shops I mentioned: David's Tea, Breadworks, Moonsnail Soapworks. 

Have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. I have yet to sign up for one of Heathers classes. I'm hoping to get in on the next one. I remember being at Brackley Beach. We attended their summers concert series. It was great!

  2. Love seeing all of that sun and that red PEI sand and Belfast Mini Mills looks so cool!

    I love my bullet journal and use it all of the time so I am excited to see you have begun one as well. :)

    It looks like your day with your husband in Charlottetown was full of precious moments (and I think I would love Moonsnail as well!).



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