Yoga in June ~ Daily Practice + 4 Challenges!

Wow! Six full months of practicing daily yoga! That equals to 181 days of yoga! 

June was a busy month with 4 daily challenges as well as my daily practice. I continued to use the Yoga with Adriene YouTube videos for my daily practice. I still really enjoy them. She always says to "find what feels good" and her videos feel good to me! 

Daily Yoga Practice ~ June 1 to 16

Daily Yoga Practice ~ June 17 to 30

Here are the usual mosaics to illustrate my month of yoga challenges. I linked to the hosts to their instagram accounts. I find all the challenges I do there. 

The Moon Flow Yoga challenge was one of my favourites this past month. It was short, only 11 days but really wonderful. I learned the Moon Salutation's sequence "Chandra Namaskara" with hosts dalima26 and yogagoddess_jo. 

Moon Flow Yoga ~ June 2 to 12 

I participated in the 30 DYC "30 Day Yoga Challenge" hosted by dashamalove. Here are the 2 mosaics for that challenge, representing the full 30 days! 

30 Day of Yoga Challenge ~ June 1 to 16
30 Day Yoga Challenge ~ June 17 to 30

I continued to participate in the monthly yoga challenge offered by beachyogagirl and kinoyoga. In June, the challenge was called "Yoga Gives Back Challenge". The focus was Ashtanga yoga method and giving back to the community. Here are the two mosaics for that challenge: 

Yoga Gives Back Challenge ~ June 1 to 15
Yoga Gives Back Challenge ~ June 16 to 30

My top favourite yoga challenge in June was the Yogi Strength Foundations hosted by busybodyogi . Kim is amazing at explaining the poses and sequences every day, as well as providing support to the challenge participants! She included a lot of videos and encouraged us to share our own videos. I started sharing videos for some of the sequences for the first time and I'm glad I did because it was fun and I learned a lot from them! 

Yogi Strength Foundations Challenge
I put together all the little video clips from my instagram for the Yogi Strength Foundations challenge into one video. You can see it here. 

Finally, I wanted to share with you my growing yoga books collection! My dear friend Rachel sent me the top two from France. They are both so helpful in their own way. I also have really loved the Wanderlust book. You can read my review for it here. 

I am participating in 2 challenges (only!) during July, as well as my usual daily practice. 

See you in a month!

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