Learning about Oysters at the Colville Bay Oyster Company

Celeste is participating in a wonderful weekly workshop this summer hosted by Chris Sallie of Island Food Skills Initiative. This week, we visited two amazing places! First, I will share our visit to the Colville Bay Oyster Company. 

The Colville Bay Oyster Company is located on the shore of Colville Bay in Souris, at the month of Souris River, in Prince Edward Island and has been in operation since 1995. 

Path of oyster shells down to the shore of Colville Bay

We were explained in detail the process of raising oysters in oyster beds along with seeing some of the tools used, from the "Chinese hat" to the rakes, boats used. and more. The oysters take a long time to grow, depending on their size. Some take as long as 5 years. 

The Chinese hat is used to collect oyster seeds. 

Oyster bags

A different tool to use to drag the oysters out of the bottom,
 once they are past the Chinese hat and bag stage. 

After our tour outside, we went into the processing area. We learned and watched the oysters being processed, saw the cold room where they are kept, and how they are packaged to ship. 

Colville Bay Oyster Company

Oysters are sorted into three different sizes. They are also given a good wash. The green colour on the shells are particular to this bay and make the oysters very recognizable. 

I am not a fan of oysters, I have only tried them a couple of times as a child when my mother insisted I do, and once as an adult  (see my experience here). These special oysters from Colville Bay Oyster Co. are loved by many though, and I can appreciate that! 

The group took a box of fresh oysters to the Inn at Bay Fortune, where we were headed next! I will have a post about our visit there with lots of photos soon.  

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