My Favourite French TV Cartoons Growing Up

If you know me personally or read this blog regularly, you might already know that I was born in and lived in France and Monaco until I moved to Canada at the age of 18. Now that I am a little older, I enjoy looking back at some of my childhood memories, the nicer ones. 

Little Me 

My mother was pretty strict when it came down to television watching. As a mother, I can understand her so much better now. There were only 3 channels available anyway! I was allowed to watch one hour of TV, but not every day. It was usually Wednesday afternoons when school was off, or on the weekend. I have clear memories of her doing her ironing while I watched these shows. 

I thought it would be fun to do a list of my favourite cartoons with some clips I found on YouTube that I watched when I was little. These are not necessarily made in France, but were aired on French TV in the late 70s and early 80s. 

Maya l'Abeille ~ I think there is a newer version of this now, I remember really liking this little bee and her adventures when I was little:

Candy ~ One of my very favourites. I didn't like missing an episode of this story about an orphan!

Barbapapa ~ I don't remember watching this one as often as others, but I remember liking this family of characters anyway! 

Les Mysterieuses Cites D'Or ~ This cartoon had amazing adventures that made me dream. 

Le Manege Enchante ~ This one I remember watching when I was younger, "tournicoti tournicoton"! 

Of course Les Schtroumpfs was also a favourite of mine. as well as Inspecteur Gadget! , and I also remember watching Gigi.  There might have been others, which considering that the small amount of TV I was allowed, is pretty impressive! 

Which cartoons do you remember watching and really enjoying when you were little? It's fun to look back and YouTube has pretty much every cartoon! Drop me a line with your favourites in the comments!