Weekly Journal ~ Busy week full of learning for me!

Sunflower in our garden. These are so beautiful! 

This past week has been full of learning for me! 

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Simple Poetry Tea Time with snowball cookies and juice! 

We took most of the week off homeschooling. Celeste worked on her writing project for Brave Writer Faltering Ownership. We also did our Poetry Tea Time, a simple but still very enjoyable version. 

The snowball cookies I made for Poetry Tea Time was part of the My Little French Kitchen cookbook review I did. Testing recipes for book reviews is fun! 

I started the week with a little day trip with my husband to New Brunswick. It was the first time I left Prince Edward Island since moving here 3 years ago! It was pretty exciting!! We started our day with a stop in Moncton for lunch at Calactus, a vegetarian restaurant I read about through social media. It was really tasty and well worth visiting. 

We then headed to Hopewell Rocks. What an amazing place! You can read and see more photos about our adventure here. 

Celeste had friends over on a very rainy afternoon, lots of cute laughs and fun time! My husband made delicious pizza for them. A really sweet day at home! 

Origami and Pompoms fun with Etsy Maker Cities and Celeste

The rest of the week was busy for me and that is where the learning came in! I started an Etsy shop in May 2015. This week, Etsy Canada came to Charlottetown for Etsy Maker Cities. It has truly been an incredible and super inspiring week for me, I am so grateful that Charlottetown was part of this! 

Workshop at Cattails Woodwork Studio

I attended 10 workshops, 3 of these with Celeste! We learned how to make origami, pompoms, and some woodworking together. It was really amazing and so nice to make things with her. 

The workshops I attended were all so helpful for learning how to use Etsy to its full potential, as well as using social media, styling and packaging, and so much more! 

Most of the workshops were given by local makers, who are Etsy sellers. 

Amazing talented people like Heather Gallant from Birdmouse, Kimberly from La Belle Dame, Kim Roach from Kim Roach Design, Brenda Watts from Cattails Woodwork, Suzanne Scott from Village Pottery

Jessika from Oh My Handmade was a huge part of this week long event and also so inspiring and encouraging.

I was also invited to attend an Etsy focus group meeting, lead by Erin from Etsy CanadaIt was great to connect with other Etsy sellers. Some have lots of experience, others are just starting out like me.

After the first two workshops, I took along my original happy colour bag to every event I attended and received great positive feedback. 

Happy Colour Bag on location! 

Even though I was busy with all these Etsy workshops, that isn't the reason why we took the week off our regular homeschool routine. 

Dead computer dissection! 

Our computer died and it affected our week a lot. On a positive note, Andre and Celeste did enjoy taking the dead computer apart to see all the inside parts at least... We did replace it because it is a necessity for our homeschool, my blogging commitments, my current work with Ask an Islander and other projects I have on the go. I would have liked to invest in an Apple iMac, but for now, it isn't possible, so we picked up an HP Pavillion Desktop instead. We already had a decent monitor.

This was a really full and amazing week! Etsy Maker Cities was truly a great opportunity and I am glad I was able to take part in many of the workshops offered, which were all free. The timing was perfect since my 16 year old son was home with Celeste. I don't mind being busy but I do look forward to a quieter routine next week! 

How was your week?