Weekly Journal ~ Homeschool Routine + Beach Time

We had lots of beach time this past week and also managed to complete our homeschool work!  

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Brackley Beach on Monday 

This was our second week back to our homeschool routine. Celeste completed her math lessons every day, she still really enjoys using Teaching Textbooks

Her spelling was also a daily subject, as well as our Brave Writer Arrow reading and language arts activities. We are both loving the Mysterious Benedict Society! We also started back to our Poetry Tea Time routine! We love this Brave Writer Lifestyle routine. I decided to do a little "how to" broadcast on Periscope for Poetry Tea Time. It was my first one, I am still learning how to use the app! You can find me on the Periscope app under @lifeonisland. 

Brave Writer Lifestyle: Poetry Tea Time,
Reading Aloud (while she roller skates) and French-style Dictation

We have decided to focus on history for the time being, and this week we learned about the Habsburgs and Austria, as well as a bit of Holland history. We continue to use Pandia Press History Odyssey. On most days, the history lesson includes reading, dictionary work, written narration, map work, and sometimes a colouring page, which Celeste does while I read aloud some extra books related to the lesson of the day. 

We had a great week with friends, with lots of beach time! 

It was truly wonderful to meet in person Dawn from Mud Puddles to Meteors and her family. They were visiting the island for a little vacation and we spent Monday afternoon together. We started with a little tour of Charlottetown, then headed to Brackley Beach. 

Dawn and I, Brackley Beach

Tuesday at lunch time, we met friends downtown to watch the Young Company show "We are Canadian" and have a picnic on Victoria Row. 

Young Company "We are Canadian" show

Thursday afternoon was another beach time. After our homeschool work was done, we packed a lunch and headed to the beach to meet up with friends. It was beautiful day and we only left around 6 pm because the horse flies were getting too annoying for Celeste and I. 

Stanhope Cape Beach 

Friday was more beach time, with another homeschool family. We went to our favourite beach, Brackley Beach. Celeste and her friend spent almost the entire time in the water. It was another perfect afternoon at the beach! 

More time at the beach, we can never get enough! 

We came back from the beach just in time to pick up Andre. He had been at the Army Cadet Camp for the last 6 weeks in New Brunswick. It's so nice to have him back home! 

We went to the very last performance of "We are Canadian" on Saturday. This show is now finished for the season, until next summer! I can't remember how many times we have seen it this summer but it was awesome and we are going to miss it so much! 

The 2015 Young Company 

What a great week and I also listed two new Happy Colour Bags in my Etsy shop

Today is another beautiful day so we are headed to Brackley Beach again after lunch! Have a great Sunday!