Weekly Journal + Links ♥ ~ Back to Homeschool

This past week, we returned to our homeschool routine! 

Still time for the beach!

Celeste would be in grade 6 if she attended public school, and this is my 10th year of homeschooling. Even though we have already started our new homeschool year, we still have a lot of time for other activities and time with friends. We started back with a light load, mainly Math, Language Arts, and History.

History ~ Writing her narration (beach towels ready!) 

This year, we are studying Early Modern times in history. We started in England with Charles I, Oliver Cromwell, the Great Plague of 1665, the Great Fire of London in 1666 and more.

Reading about the Fire and the Plague in London

It was a great start with history for Celeste and she kept asking for more! For the time being, we will do history every day and put science on hold. 

Doing research for her mini report by watching news reports on youtube

Celeste also started working on her month long writing project from Brave Writer's Faltering Ownership. It will be a mini report on natural disasters, with a focus on tornadoes. We have been really enjoying this month's book for Brave Writer Arrow which is The Mysterious Benedict Society. I remember reading it when it first came out, and it's been great reading it aloud to Celeste. Celeste also completed copywork, dictation, grammar, and literary elements (similes and metaphors) this week all through the Brave Writer Arrow

She is also continuing her spelling practice with Sequential Spelling. 

In Math, she is working with Teaching Textbooks 6. This program has worked well for her over the last few years so we will continue with it. She told me she had missed Math while we were on summer break! 

Monday was a gorgeous sunny day so Celeste and I headed to the beach in the afternoon, as soon as we finished her homeschool work. 

Perfect time at the beach and in the ocean! 

Tuesday was a full day out with Celeste's summer Island Food Skills workshop. I tagged along and wrote about it here: Glasgow Glen Farm: An Island Gouda Experience.  Celeste learned how to make cheese fondue..yummy! 

So much Gouda! 

Wednesday morning was filled with homeschool work and Celeste cooking chocolate pudding from scratch. She is getting very comfortable in the kitchen! 

Making chocolate pudding 

In the afternoon, we visited our friends and their adorable puppy, Sprout. 

Sprout & pretty forget-me-not flowers at our friend's home.

We also visited the Art Gallery at the Confederation Centre of the Arts. We went there for a short time before our bus ride home, but we both want to return to see the exhibition on Samuel Holland and his map of PEI a little more. 

A copy of the map on the floor of the Art Gallery, Celeste reading about the portrait.

Thursday was a day at home, with our homeschool work done in the morning and time for play for Celeste and sew for me in the afternoon. 

Celeste colouring the London Bridge in flames while I read aloud to her

Friday, after our school work done, we headed downtown to see the Young Company show. We ran into friends there, also homeschool families. We love this show and have seen it a few times already. It's a free (donations welcome) show called "We are Canadian" that celebrate the diverse cultural background of Canadians through songs and dances. It is only on for one more week and I'm sure we will go see it again, at least once! We also took some time to walk around town to visit a few of our favourite places, like the library, Queen of Fries, Moonsnail Soapworks, and Kuriosities. 

We are Canadian by the Young Company 

Mad Hatter Hat at Kuriosities 

Links ♥ this week (including ones for our homeschool curriculum): 

Samuel Holland, surveyor and creator of the 1st accurate PEI map in 1764-65
Young Company of the Confederation Centre
Sequential Spelling
Brave Writer Language Arts and Writing programs 
Teaching Textbooks Math
Pandia Press History Odyssey
Moonsnail Soapworks

Have a great Sunday!