Weekly Journal + Links ♥ ~ Poetry Teatime on a Cruise Ship & Sewing Fun!

This last week of July was our last week of summer break. We start our homeschool routine this coming Monday again. 

We had a few fun days, despite all the rain. We also had some sickness, which wasn't as fun. A few days at home were nice to organize our homeschool year though, as well as continuing to sew more happy colour bags. I also found some My Little Pony flannel fabric so I had to make Celeste a quick pillowcase! 

Happy Colour Bag ~ Rainbow to celebrate PEI Pride Week

Homemade My Little Pony pillowcase and two more happy colour bags in the works

Celeste started the week with baking strawberry shortcakes. She was inspired from last week's food workshop and got started early Monday morning! I was still having my breakfast while she was busy baking and whipping heavy cream! 

Celeste and her strawberry shortcakes

This was the last week of the Mud Puddles Nature Summer Camp and the focus was on stars. We enjoyed reading the camp notes but didn't get to enjoy much night sky watching, because of the weather, until the end of the week. I will keep the activities nearby so we can do them soon. We did see the Blue Full Moon last night! 

Our nature table this week 

We had a full Tuesday, with Celeste's Island Food Skills workshop and a special time with my in-laws. 

The workshop was at Sobeys this time. We were taken on a tour by the store's dietitian and then the kids made a three course meal with the chef. Celeste really enjoyed the cooking part and she was quite knowledgeable during the tour part whenever the dietitian asked questions...she was the only one that knew what TVP was! 

Cooking at Sobey's

My in-laws were on the cruise ship that had a full day stop in Charlottetown. We saw them last week as well, and they organized everything so we could go onboard this week for a special tea time. We turned it into a Tuesday Poetry Teatime since Celeste brought her own poems to share with her Nana and Papa. She loved walking around and exploring the Holland America Ms. Maasdam ship!

Tea time on the Maasdam

Time on the Holland America cruise ship with Nana & Papa

Celeste also did some sewing this week. I gave her a small pile of fabric I wasn't using and she got to work on designing dresses for her dolls. She hand sewed them onto the dolls too. I think they are very cute! I really like the little cape. 

Designing and hand sewing doll clothes

I spent some time this week getting our homeschool resources organized. This included searching for extra library books for history and science. We also received some of the books we will be reading for the language arts program Arrow by Brave Writer. 

It was another good week, even with the weather not cooperating. The good news is today is an awesome sunny day so we are headed to the beach for the afternoon!!! 

Here are a few favourite links for this week: 

Mud Puddles Summer Nature Camp. It is over, but I've heard there will be a fall one! 

A Husky's nature depicted in 16 photos. This had us laughing and some applied to Orion, our own husky. 

Sweet Treats by Williams-Sonoma is the cookbook Celeste used to make her strawberry shortcakes. Great child-friendly book that doesn't "talk down" to them. 

We're off to the beach! Have a great weekend ♥


  1. It looks like your daughter shares some interests with my 11 year old. She loves MLP, sewing, and cooking as well :) Looks like you had a great week!

  2. What a lovely post! I saw a Williams Sonoma children's cookbook at a Frenchy's one day and ended up not getting it (I think my baby distracted me by being hungry right at that moment.). Good to know this one is a good one...my 7-y-o loves even just reading through children's cookbooks from the library.

  3. I would love to hear some of her poems! Can you post one? Would she be ok with that?

  4. Love the colours in those bags, beautiful. Such richness in your days, and tastiness too. We love a number of books in that pile, enjoy.


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