My Life on Island Studio Story

I mentioned in this post that I took over my oldest daughter's bedroom and converted it into a little studio for me. It's been a bittersweet type of feeling as I do miss her but at the same time, I love my new space! I have moved my computer in the studio too and left floor space to accommodate my yoga mat. Orion and Sophie approve, as you can see in the photo mosaic above..

I have been busy over the summer months with creating an Etsy shop and filling it, slowly, with handmade items. I wrote a little bit about this in this post, but I thought I would share a bit more here too, along with some of my latest creations. did I get started with sewing and quilting?

I learned how to quilt while I was pregnant with Adrienne, my oldest daughter. She is now 18, so that was almost 19 years ago! 

I had made a little quilt for her and then with having my son just 19 months later, I didn't do a whole lot of quilting for a while! I did sew useful things for my children when they were little...things like cozy and warm nightgowns, pajama bottoms, blankets (always lots of simple blankets to cuddle and play with!), juggling bean bags, tote bags, and other things I can't remember right now! 

Creations over the years: from top left clockwise: juggling bean bags, Celeste pillow and quilt, little girl flannel nightgown, painter brushes carrier for my mother-in-law. 

I often made handmade gifts for friends and family. Some of my relatives would tell me over the years that I should be selling my creations. They were encouraging but I was busy with my children, and wanted to keep my focus on them and homeschooling them, especially when all three were still at home. 

I am still homeschooling now, but only Celeste. We are usually finished our homeschool work by early afternoon. I can now give a little focus time to building a creative business on Etsy. I am also trying to give myself a morning or an afternoon each weekend to work in my studio, either Saturday mornings or Sunday afternoons. 

It's an exciting time, as well as a challenging time! I am learning to balance things as I go, my time in the studio with all the other things I need to do. Celeste is my little assistant, she loves to iron and is so helpful. 

I've enjoyed making new things, as well as making things that I have used for years. I started with the happy colour bags, which are patchwork and colourful.

My original Happy Colour Bag, still so useful after many years. 

I made mine years ago and I have used it all along, as a beach bag, books bag, camera bag, day trip's been washed countless times and dragged everywhere! 

What I have made recently...

This past week, I made library books bag. This is another tote bag that we have used for years!

My original Books bag! 

The original one is even older than my happy colour patchwork bag! I think it is probably over 10 years old. I needed a large library bag that was sturdy because we have always taken out so many library books! I remember finding some denim fabric that wasn't stiff and thinking it would be perfect. 

I have made two new ones and added them to my Etsy shop. I absolutely love the one with the retro rainbow letters and the red polka dot lining! 

Books tote bag 

Two weeks ago, I made two small drawstring bags after a friend on Instagram asked me if I made tarot cards pouches. I tried it and loved making these. I think they would make very useful little bags to add to a tote or purse, to carry small items like make up or other personal things. I haven't added any to my shop yet, but I think I will in the near future! I sent the smaller one to a friend in Nova Scotia. 

Small drawstring bags

This little boy bow tie is the cutest thing. I need to make more of these. They are fun to hand sew too! I also made these because a friend asked me if I could. I really like trying new projects. She would like it in plaid and I will make it very soon for her. 

Little boy music notes bowtie

I had attended in August many workshops during the Etsy Maker Cities and I am slowly applying what I have learned. Last night, I created an Instagram account just for my Life on Island Studio. You can find me at Lifeonislandstudio

It is exciting to start a new adventure like this! I enjoy making things that are colourful, happy, and useful. My dream is to be able to share these and be successful enough to keep going! 


  1. This is very exciting, Alex!
    I love the little bag you sent Tam. (She showed me just after she got it!)
    All of the colour you add to your creations is wonderful!
    It is a bittersweet time of having the time (and space) to do your own projects! You are off to an awesome start!

  2. I am so excited for you! Your creations are wonderful :-)

  3. I love the little bag - actually, love it all! I would be interested in seeing the little bag idea become a little purse - I tend to walk a lot and it is hard to find a little purse to carry keys and a bit of cash. I'll be checking your esty site for more of your creations!


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