Weekly Journal ~ Cozy at Home and in Nature

On the trail 

Last week was a cozy week at home for the most part and also in nature. Sometimes we need several days, quiet at home, going through our homeschool routine, reading lots, writing...at least I have found that for Celeste and I. 

Writing a short fairy tale 

We talked about writing quite a bit last week and Celeste shared with me her struggles with it again. I remembered I had an old Usborne book "Write Your Own Story Book" on the shelf and showed it to her. She dove right in right away! I love when she surprises me. I also truly believe that this type of enthusiasm towards writing, even with her struggles, is because of the brave writer lifestyle we follow. 

She ended up writing a fairy tale and a pirate themed comic strip last week. 

Poetry Tea Time 

On Tuesday, we enjoyed a lovely poetry tea time with poetry and Aesop fables. We each had our own tea pot that day...David's Tea Iced Shirley Temple for her and warm herbal chai tea for me. She cut up bear paws for herself while I had delicious brawnies from the Plant Powered Families cookbook. 

We continued with math and spelling lessons each day, as well as history. We learned about the Agricultural Revolution and we also watched a few Crash Course videos to get caught up to the time period we are studying. It was a good review. We really like that YouTube channel! 

Everyday Nature Workshop

Being at home last week doesn't mean we didn't go outside. Monday was the first day of the Everyday Nature for Families Fall Workshop. This workshop is organized by Dawn at Mud Puddles to Meteors and has given us so many ideas and inspiring activities. We still have one more week, and I know the material will last us a lot longer! 

We discovered another nature trail in construction, near our house! 

A new books tote bag for my Etsy shop!

I spent some time in my studio creating this past week. I love our own library tote bag that we have used for years. I had made it because we needed a sturdy bag to haul the multitude of books we always borrowed from the library (and still do!). I thought it would be nice to offer similar bags for sale in my Etsy shop. I made two last week. 

Writing for one of the many "try this" exercises in The Way of the Happy Woman

Celeste and I spent a lot of time reading last week. We are very close to finishing the Mysterious Benedict Society for Brave Writer Arrow. I finished (in record time for me!) the book club book Station Eleven. I really enjoyed it. I then started reading The Way of the Happy Woman by Sara Avant Stover and I have been taking many notes and did several of the "try this" activities. I had forgotten how much I like to write, especially by hand.

Cuddles with Sprout

We had friends over last week, including a short visit with their adorable corgi puppy. Sprout is so cute and sweet! 

How was your week? I wish you a wonderful week. It's early Monday morning here, but the sun is already out! Happy Monday! 

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