Weekly Journal ~ Hello September!

Sunflowers in our garden this week

Celeste and I both wanted to enjoy the last week with Andre before he started grade 11 at the local senior high school on September 8th. It was really nice to just hang out this week and take another week off. Andre and I went out for a little back-to-school clothes shopping together. He shops for clothes about twice a year! 

My oldest daughter, Adrienne, moved out of our home into an apartment in town this week! This is a big milestone. She had been talking about this for several months and the right place came up for her so she took it. I am very happy for her and I hope it will work out. 

Adrienne's apartment keys

I spent some of the week trying new sewing projects, thanks to suggestions by friends and Instagram contacts. I think it's a lot of fun to try new things and I will decide soon if the boy bowtie, the crystals bag, or the tarot cards drawstring bag make their way to my Etsy shop "Life on Island Studio". 

The lunch napkins and pillowcases in the photo mosaic below are already in my shop. Celeste is my helper and loves to iron! 

Sewing different things (from large photo then clockwise) :
boy bowtie, crystals drawstring bag, lunch napkins, pillowcases, tarot cards bag. 

We finished the week with a little island day trip. Andre and Celeste had both asked to go try the go karts at the Burlington Amusement Park so we did that! I joined them for one round and it was fun. We also played mini golf. A fun day together with lots of laughs! 

Fun at Kensington Amusement Park

We also visited the Kitchen Witch Tearoom for lunch. It was delicious and so nice to have many vegan choices. They have a  lot of gluten-free items on their menu, plus a huge list of teas. Lots of homemade goodness there and friendly service! 

Kitchen Witch Tearoom 

We also visited the Village Pottery on our way home. I could have stayed there much longer but it was time to head home. So many beautiful local pottery pieces there! 

Beautiful mugs by Robert McMillan at the Village Pottery

A somewhat light first week of September was just what we needed! We are ready to tackle September and the return to our routine now. 

A new month page in my bullet journal and a little tarot reading for the month