Weekly Journal ~ Homeschool Routine Again!

Time in my garden with the tall sunflowers!

Back to our regular routine of homeschooling and it felt so nice! Andre also returned to senior high school, grade 11 this year. 

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Zucchini from our garden 

Monday was Labour Day and I spent a lovely time in my garden, pulling many weeds. I also was thrilled to speak on the phone with my long time France friend Rachel. I am so grateful for our friendship! Texting, email, and all the social network apps  are nice but a phone call is wonderful still, until we can be together in person! 

Our homeschool week was productive, starting on Tuesday. Math was completed each day, two lessons a day because we switched computers so Celeste had to start all over again. She didn't mind at least.. 

We continue to read The Mysterious Benedict Society for our Brave Writer Arrow language arts program. This was the August selection. We love the story and don't mind taking a little longer time with it. 

Spelling was practiced each day too. We also finished reading Crenshaw by Katerine Applegate. I wrote a review here. 


We had a really sweet poetry tea time. I made cute animal crackers in shape of hearts and teapots! The recipe can be found at Weelicious here.  

Word Games

Celeste and I organized the first Word Games at the local library, inspired by the Brave Writer lifestyle. We put an invitation to our homeschool group and had a great time together playing with Rory's Story Cubes, Bananagrams, Quiddler, and Tell Me a Story cards. We hope to make this a weekly event, or maybe every other week. 

History with History Odyssey by Pandia Press

We are both really enjoying History this year so far. This week, we read about Marie-Antoinette, and Napoleon for the France lesson. We then moved on to the next lesson and called "Age of Enlightenment" and studied Galileo and Newton. 

It was a good week back to our homeschool routine. 

I also enjoyed attending the first library book club of the year. We had read (I hadn't finished it yet!) 2014 Pulitzer Prize Winner All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. It was a great discussion and I am finishing the book this weekend. I already started on next month's book which is Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel. 

How was your week? Was it back to school or homeschool for you? 


  1. Shoot! I just bought BW yesterday and I could have went through your link. I will remember your link if we continue with it. I just got Jot it down even though I have almost 8 and 9 yr old!

    1. Jot it Down is a great program. Celeste and I really enjoyed the writing projects from it, especially the Fairy Tales and the Animal Book one! Enjoy!

  2. I have been thinking about Brave Writer for some time now. I have a six year old and an 8year old that struggles with reading and writing. Any Advice on what program to start with?

    1. Hi! I would consider starting out with Jot it Down. It's a great introduction to the Brave Writer lifestyle and program. We really enjoyed it! The projects were fun for both of us, Celeste and I! If you would like to email me to talk further, you can reach me at alexdk@live.ca . Thanks for considering using my affiliate link:


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