Yoga in August ~ Daily Yoga + 5 Challenges

August was a full month, with daily yoga practice and 5 challenges! It might sound like a lot, but it wasn't because most of these challenges were shorter than usual. Here is my monthly recap post! 

I continue to practice daily yoga using Yoga with Adriene YouTube videos. I really enjoy mixing it up with different videos every day. Even if I sometimes do a short practice, it feels good and Adriene is all about "find what feels good"! I only missed 3 days this past month. 

August 1 to 16

August 17 to 31

Here are all the photo mosaics for the challenges I participated in through Instagram, I'm @lifeonislandyoga there. 

These fun yoga challenges often have giveaways and I won one! Bhudda Teas sent me a beautiful collection of herbal teas. I won this by participating every day in July in the Bend Balance Breathe with Kim (@busybodyogi)!

The shortest yoga challenge in August was the My Mantra hosted by @beachyogagirl . It was a nice change for a yoga challenge. 

Another short yoga challenge was Planks around the World, also hosted by beachyogagirl  kinoyoga blogilates  This was a really fun 7 days.  Until I started yoga this year, I had no idea I would like doing planks! I even got my husband involved in one pose, inspired by one of my childhood friends who is now a yoga teacher (check her awesome instagram feed at ).

Planks around the world 

Daughters of Yoga challenge was 14 days long, hosted by @rima_danielle and @yoga_warrior_goddess 

Daughters of Yoga 

Move Your Way to Monkey was a 20 days yoga challenge that was a splits preparation with many hip opener poses. It was hosted by @soulfilledyogi and @yogagoddess_jo . I didn't get to the full splits but I was closer than I ever been by the end of the 20 days! 

Move your way to Monkey 

The month long yoga challenge I participated in was Arm Balance Building with @busybodyogi @jennybarneszink. This was another great challenge with Kim! 

Arm Balance Building - August 1 to 16

Arm Balance Building ~ August 17 to 30 (missed 31)

Wow, I never realize all the yoga I do until I write these posts and put the photo mosaics together! Another awesome month with the yoga instagram community and my daily yoga practice. That's now 8 months of daily yoga (with only a few missed days)! Totally addicted to yoga. I set up a blog page with links to all my monthly yoga posts: Yoga ♥

See you next month!