Island Hill Farm ~ An Afternoon with Goats, Rabbits, Alpacas, and more!

Celeste and I have finally visited Island Hill Farm! I have been following Flory's Instagram for a while now and really wanted to take some time to visit her animals. We finally went Friday afternoon with friends. It is much closer to Charlottetown than we thought. If you are visiting the island and are interested in a close encounter with farm animals, I highly recommend it! 

Friendly chickens in their fancy coop with chandelier and handsome Gavin the donkey!

We were able to see many goats, including 6 day old baby goats! We learned more about these baby goats from Flory, the owner and operator. She was wonderful to chat with! 

I was able to hold one of the baby goats and it was the sweetest moment of the day! I could feel her little heartbeat against my arm. She just nestled in and I wanted to just stay there and hold her all day long! 

The goats were a lot of fun. They followed us outside when we went out and were very curious and sweet. It is pretty obvious that these goats are used to people and they are very friendly. 

These alpacas were the softest to touch! I didn't overstay my welcome though, they are known to spit..

We also visited many chickens, a donkey, baby bunnies, two alpacas, and two pot-bellied pigs. There were a couple of barn cats too. 

It was a great time visiting Island Hill Farm and its many farm animals! 

You can find out more about Island Hill Farm on their Facebook page


  1. This looks like so much fun. We have visited Ross Farm from time to time and the boys loved all of the animals. It’s a different world!


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