Weekly Journal ~ Homeschool + Studio Time

Another week went by with lots of learning time in our homeschool and also some making time for me! 

We enjoyed our regular routine with Math in the morning with Teaching Textbooks. I always sit near Celeste while she studies math with the lecture and exercises on the computer. Since our computer is now in my studio, I am often able to cut fabric or do some hand sewing work while she does her math. 

Celeste continued to practice her spelling. We also had a lot of fun this week with a new book I will be reviewing shortly called "Write Here Write Now". 

Flora & Ulysses has been a fun book to read every day and study with Brave Writer Arrow.  

We also had a fun poetry tea time with water, salsa dip and multigrain tortillas. Tea time doesn't always have to include tea! We read many wonderful poems from our book selection. 

This week, we started our science studies again with Elemental Science. We learned more about the moon, especially its phases. We did a fun little activity involving cookies! 

In history, we studied a little more about India and in particular the Taj Mahal. We read aloud the Taj Mahal by Elizabeth Maan , a really interesting book about a magnificent monument.

We finished the week with a little visit to Island Hill Farm. It was such a lovely time with the farm animals! You can read all about it and see the photos here: Island Hill Farm: An Afternoon with Goats, Rabbits, Alpacas, and More!

The garden is almost done for the season. Celeste and I pulled out the rainbow carrots and the rest of the tomatoes. We probably could have left the carrots in the ground longer, but I was worried I would forget all about them! 

In the studio this week, I was able to get some more bow ties done. I think they would make really cute cat bow ties, as well as for little dogs! I am working towards a few smaller projects that I could offer for a possible holiday market..

I also had fun playing around with triangles and making a new tote bag. I had no idea when I started what this one would look like, but I really like how it turned out! 

Today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada and I wish you a beautiful day with family and friends if you are celebrating! 

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