Yoga in September ~ Unfocused...

Yoga in September was difficult for me. For the first time since I started practicing yoga at the start of this year, I felt out of focus almost all month long. I didn't get to my daily practice for almost half of the month. When I put together my month mosaic, it was very obvious as I only needed 16 squares for my photos. 

I did miss my daily practice a lot and I noticed how it affected my days. I need the practice of daily yoga! So I will get back to my regular routine in October. I could write about the reasons why I didn't get to my daily yoga practice, but it wouldn't make for a very interesting post..the usual busyness of life and not being focused. 

Here are my mosaics for September. 

September Yoga Practice

I participated in two challenges, but dropped the Yoga Basic Mix very early as I couldn't manage so many of the poses for several days in a row. It didn't feel very "basic" to me! 

Basic Yoga Mix 

I also participated in the September of Splits challenge and really enjoyed this one when I did participate. This was another challenge hosted by busybogyogi!

September of Splits

I keep an ongoing list of all my yoga posts so far here. I post my yoga photos on instagram at lifeonislandyoga.

See you in a month!