Our "Unschooling" Season

Ready for Poetry Tea Time

Homeschooling can change just like seasons over a year! I have learned over the last ten years of my homeschooling adventure to be comfortable with that changing flow. I wasn't always as open minded, I was a lot more structured and worried about what we accomplished every day from our homeschool curriculum. Thankfully, I have learned over the years and was able to embrace that learning with my children happens in many different ways.

Homeschooling this fall from about mid-October to now has been different! The change was first inspired first by Celeste, who had asked for some more flexibility. It then was adjusted to accommodate the time I needed to get ready for the Etsy market. 

Math, cooking, writing, poetry tea time, more writing, nature walks with Orion

Celeste and I have had a great time these last few weeks. We had talked about what she is interested in and she started a bullet journal to keep track of her ideas and what she did every day. It has worked really well for her. 

Reading Wonder as part of the Brave Writer Arrow language arts course

Our days were filled with reading, writing, math, cooking, playing, and lots of talking always. We watched documentaries and Crash Course videos. She also watched many of her favourite shows! We continued to work through the Brave Writer Arrow course because we both love it. We visited the Art Gallery, visited different nature trails, talked about world events, and so much more!

Samuel Holland's Map of the Island

Over the last three weeks, I have been very busy making handmade items for the Etsy show and Celeste was itching to make something too! We both looked for some inspiration and finally found something. Since then, she has been full on making every single day! It has been amazing to see her dedication. She will be selling them at my market table and I hope she will do really well. 

Making Celestial Clouds 

This has been our unschooling season, usually this happens more in the spring but this year has been different. Unschooling doesn't mean there is no learning happening! There is so much important learning happening outside the "books" (curriculum)! We have enjoyed this season and I know we will get back to our regular routine when we are ready or maybe we won't!

All this to say..if you are a homeschool mom too, embrace the different seasons in your adventure, be open to changes, enjoy the journey! Homeschooling is so much about relationships that it is important to enjoy these times when it might look like we are just "hanging out", but we all still do so much! We are happy talking, playing, exploring, doing fun stuff together! We are both learning from pursuing our passions and also from building my little Etsy business! It is O.K. We are both still learning so much. 


  1. Fantastic and so right! I used to feel like we were failing at school because our approach would change so often. But now I see that it's just evolving and they're learning more and more, all the time. And it's so much more fun for all of us, now that I've let go of the stress and worry and comparing. We all learn together and talk about it. It's just awesome. Very inspiring post. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Good for you for being flexible. That's something I have trouble with, but perhaps I'll learn it over time. :)

  3. Oh, but I enjoyed reading this post. Created smiles in my mind at your freedom and joy in embracing the seasons in schooling

  4. Hi there, so nice to meet come across your blog! I am considering moving back to PEI but I am apprehensive of the ministry in how they would see a single mom unschooling. If there is a way to discuss your experience with me further, i would like that, thank you!!!


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