Shadow Work ~ Tarot Challenge

I have been fascinated by tarot cards since I was little. I remember looking at some, not sure whose they were...I had an interest in gypsies and witches too. Some kids dreamed of joining the circus, I dreamed of traveling with gypsies and making potions with witches. I never told anyone of my interests when I was little. In college, I felt that pull again but kept it to myself. I am not sure why...

Fast forward to last year, when I finally "allowed" myself to get my own set of tarot cards, the Wildwood Tarot and started collecting a few crystals too. Slowly, I am learning by drawing cards and reading about them.  

Last month, I found out about a challenge on Instagram and decided to participate. It was called the Shadow Work October and hosted by @mnomquah.

I used my bullet journal to record my impressions on each day's topic, as well as instagram (lifeonisland) to document the cards. Here are three mosaics representing the entire month. The first day of the challenge was a mandala, the drawing in the one below. The last day was also a mandala, the photo at the top of this post. The cards are my favourites laid out with all my crystals. 


  1. I love that tarot set - it’s on my list. :) So happy that you too participated in the shadow work. It was wonderful. :) xx


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