Looking back on my first Etsy Holiday Pop Up Market

Earlier this month, I was part of the local Etsy Holiday Pop Up Market in Charlottetown. This was my very first Etsy market and very first craft show for my new little business Life on Island Studio

My table, at the start of the day!  

The excitement leading up to the market was intense. I was stressed about how many things to make, what to offer, what to make sure I didn't forget...

Lucky for me, I have an extremely supportive husband. He helped me stay sane! He even took a day off his work so he could be my personal human calculator! He helped carry everything in, set up, and stayed all through the day. He made sure we had drinks and food. He was a really good partner. 

My youngest daughter Celeste also spent the day at the market. She had made a suitcase full of felt cloud pillows and ornaments. She was so happy to have made these and she did well too. She told me at the end of the day that she loved being part of this! I was very happy to have shared this first experience with her too. 

Celestial Clouds by Celeste 

I enjoyed planning out my table set up and I think it turned out pretty nice. I had found a comforter cover and a plain white tablecloth at the local Value Village. I also had bought a couple of silver trays there. The two wood stands that held the tote bags were made by my husband and Celeste, from wood pieces we had in our shed. 

Holiday bunting

During the last days leading up to the market, I wrote down several lists and also read a few tips and blog posts from other Etsy artisans. After all the preparations, I felt as ready as I could be. I even received my little Square Reader in time for the market! 

A couple of nights before the market, I did a test run for my booth, on my kitchen table! It was a really good idea to do this, as I could tell what fit and what needed re-thinking! 

Trial run! 

The actual day went really well. We had brought water and snacks. We had a small cash float and the Square Reader. I had paper bags ready, business cards, and even a little fabric tray filled with candy! 

Cozy scarves, pet bow ties, and clouds

The feedback from everyone was so wonderful. I had many compliments on my table and all the things I had for sale. The pet bow ties and cozy scarves were popular, as well as the holiday bunting. A couple of tote bags were adopted too! 

The cutest costumer of the day, with one of my bow ties! 

It was great seeing all the other Etsy artisans too and it was a busy day, with a constant flow of people visiting. It was really nice being able to chat with people about the things I make. 

We had fun trying out the Lamplight Studio's letterpress! Celeste loved making these cards:

My only regret was that I wore uncomfortable shoes! I did have my snow boots with me, so I changed into them halfway through the day, and so did Celeste. I also completely forget to get a photo of her and I in our cute dresses...next time! 

Photo of my booth taken by Etsy Team PEI, shared on Instagram :) 

Our very first Etsy Pop Up Market was a great experience! With this first one completed, I would look forward to participating in another one and feel like I know a little better what to expect. 


  1. Oh my goodness look at all those wonderful things! It’s so great that Celeste got to join you and I love her clouds. Sounds like you had a true family experience with everyone helping out. Love this!


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