Magical ~ My Word for 2016

The new year is here and so is a new word for me to focus on! 

I have been choosing a word since 2012. You can check out past years: 

Most of these years, I used Susannah Conway's Unraveling the Year Ahead workbook, and I highly recommend it! 

When I started thinking about a word for 2016, a particular word came through right away: magic. I knew I still wanted to work through Susannah Conway's Find Your Word emails. I did. More words came through, but magic still stayed.

One of the exercises from Find Your Word is to look up dictionary definitions for the chosen words. I also wrote out what the words meant to me. When I did that, I switched magic to magical. It fitted better as the adjective. 

Magical, for me, means wonderful, amazing, special. There are some events and experiences that I am looking forward to this year. Magical seems to fit the feel of this year. 

Also, I want to focus on looking for the magical in the everyday. There is magic all around us, all the time. Life can be busy or preoccupy us so much that we might not notice it. I tend to notice the magic when I am spending time in nature but maybe not as much in the simple routine of every this year, that is what I am focusing on: the magical in every day

The other supporting words for my year are brave, Shakti, explore

Brave is pretty straight forward. As I go through this year, I want to remember to be brave, no matter what is happening in my life. Brave also reminds me of Brave Writer and the idea of being an awesome adult. The pursuit of "awesome adulting" is something I have always thought about. Being an awesome adult doesn't mean to be above everyone else, but more to do things like continuing learning as an adult, nurturing body and mind, and invest in homeschool completely. I started using the hashtag #awesomeadulting2016 for photos on my instagram. I am hoping others will join in! 

Shakti was a word in the list of words suggested in the emails by Susannah. I didn't know what it meant, so I looked it up. I was inspired right away and wanted to learn more. Shakti in Hinduism is the concept or personification of divine feminine creative power {from wikipedia}. 

The more I read about this term, the more I knew it had to be part of my supporting words. It also help me realize that I yearn for learning more about the sacred feminine, the strong, powerful, creative power and also the caring and inspiring woman. Shakti represents all these ideas for me. 

beautiful art found here. 

The Wanderlust book has a really interesting page about the shaktis or goddesses. It says that the "ancient yogic texts also describe a trifecta of goddesses, or shaktis, who represent the different aspects of our creative nature." The book goes on to describe the three goddesses. I will be learning more about this. 

Explore is my third companion word. Explore reminds me to be open to try new experiences, visit new places, learn new things..

Three companion words is a lot, but they are like supporting words and I think go very well with magical.

Here is to a meaningful magical awesome year! 


  1. lovely post, thank you for the inspiration!
    side note, where (might I ask) did you get your cute heart hat that you are wearing in that photo in the woods. It's sweet on you!

    1. Hi Johanna! Thank you for stopping by!
      The hat is the Queen of Hearts, a design by Sand and Sky Creations (an awesome local knitter/spinner/homeschool mama and friend). If you knit, you can buy her pattern:


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