A Review of Brave Writer's Faltering Ownership, a Language Arts Program with 12 Writing Projects

Faltering Ownership is a year-long language arts plan with 12 writing projects from Brave Writer. It is aimed for ages 11 to 12, but like all the Brave Writer programs, it varies depending on the skills and abilities of each child. 

We have personally used programs like Jot It Down and Partnership Writing in the past, these each come naturally before Faltering Ownership. It has been a very enjoyable progression. 

The introduction in the Faltering Ownership program explains very clearly this stage. I could relate completely with Celeste to the description. This stage of growth described is right on! Celeste can at times take off with her writing, wanting to be completely independent..while at other times, she seems to have trouble just writing down one sentence. 

Faltering Ownership is divided in three parts:

  1. Language Arts - Brave Writer Lifestyle. This section is similar to the other writing programs such as Jot it Down and Partnership Writing, and explains the lifestyle which includes poetry teatimes, weekly movies, nature study, art and music appreciation. It also introduces the ideas of theatre, Shakespeare, and visual journals. 
  2. Oral Language - An explanation of the benefit of cultivating oral language.
  3. Writing Projects - monthly writing projects with very useful monthly plans.

This year, we have been working through the first semester's writing projects. I really appreciate the detailed explanations and the monthly plans to keep us on track. Each project has been interesting to us, even if they turn into something else! As an example, Celeste was super interested in the project on natural disasters. We did a lot of research together and enjoyed learning more about tornadoes and hurricanes. When it came time to write the mini-report from all her notes, she decided to write her report on My Little Pony Friendship is Magic instead. She did and was very happy with it! 

The dust jacket book review was a fun project that Celeste enjoyed, especially writing the mock reviews for the back cover! 

At this time, she is working on a diary written by a historical person. She chose to create a fictional person, Lilith, who lives in England in 1791. I helped her with the research and she has been writing daily journal entries on the computer for the last three weeks. I can't wait to read her work! 

What I have found about the Brave Writer programs is that they are so enjoyable to work with, it doesn't feel like "school"! There is also a lot of room to adapt the instructions to fit our family. I find there is so much inspiration in the lifestyle part of the guide, I keep referring to it throughout the year and adding little bits at a time to our daily routine. 
Celeste was a struggling writer and at times she still is, but this program can be adapted as we need. It can be more gentle or we can take it even further and dig deeper. I have noticed how the Brave Writer lifestyle and writing encouragement has spilled over to our other homeschool subjects. It truly has been a wonderful addition to our homeschool. 

If you are curious and want to see a 22 page sample of this program, click on this link: Sample Faltering Ownership. 

The Faltering Ownership is a year-long language arts program with writing projects and can be found at the Brave Writer online shop. I am a Brave Writer Ambassador but did not receive any compensation for this review. I truly love this program and want to share my experiences with you. 


  1. Thanks for sharing! I've been checking out various writing curriculum lately, thinking we may be in for a change in the next year or so.
    We just started using those Usborne art cards pictured above, they're great!


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