Flashback Friday ~ A Field Trip Day in Toronto: Eaton Centre Holiday Windows & The Nutcracker Ballet

I have been blogging for 9 years and lately, I have been wanting to share some old posts from the archives of my blogs. 

Here is a post from December 2007 when Adrienne, 10 years old at the time, and I went to see The Nutcracker performed by the National Ballet of Canada in Toronto with our homeschool group. I had left Andre (almost 8 at the time) and Celeste (3.5 then!) at home with their dad because I didn't think they would enjoy the ballet or the long trip. We lived north of Toronto at the time and took the Go Train and the TTC Subway. 

Here is my original blog post: 

We spent the day in Toronto, with homeschool friends. We had tickets to see a matinee of The Nutcraker. When we first arrived to Toronto, we walked to the Eaton Centre to have some lunch, and looked at the beautiful Christmas window displays at the Hudson's Bay store.

The Hudson's Bay store windows Christmas displays were amazing! Adrienne and I loved looking at all the different windows and the details in the decorations. 

Adrienne, admiring the window displays. 

Inside the Eaton's Centre

Outside the Four Seasons Centre

Inside the Four Seasons Centre

Our seats at The Nutcracker ballet were perfect, front row and in the centre! We couldn't have asked for better seating! We were able to see all the orchestra and even with being that close, we still could see the whole stage. The ballet was amazing. It seemed too short! We were not allowed to take pictures during the performance, but it truly was beautiful.