Flashback Friday ~ Learning History Through Biographies with Adrienne

I have been blogging for 9 years and lately, I have been wanting to share some old posts from the archives of my blogs..which is where Flashback Fridays come in! 

The post I am sharing with you today is from February 2008 when I wrote down my thoughts about studying history with my oldest daughter Adrienne. She was 11 at the time. It's good to look back because Celeste is now 11 and this still applies. History can be a very interesting subject, it all depends how we approach it! 

I have to be honest...this past school year, history with Adrienne hasn't been regular. We started in September with the intention of reading through Kingfisher History Encyclopedia . Even though it is a good encyclopedia, it was just not "interesting" enough for her.

I decided that in January we would follow Ambleside Online's suggestions and read through biographies. I have read aloud last month Michelangelo by Diane Stanley. Adrienne liked this book, I read a couple of pages twice a week, sometimes three times,and then she would narrate to me.

Today, we started Good Queen Bess also by Diane Stanley. She loved this one! I ended up reading the whole book to her in one sitting since she just kept on asking for more.

I think covering history through biographies or history tales is a lot more interesting to Adrienne. 

She received a free book a few weeks ago from our local library, To Be a Princess, The Fascinating Lives of Real Princesses by Hugh Brewster. It covers the stories of twelve real princesses from Mary Tudor to Elizabeth II, from England, Austria, Hawaii, Russia, and India. I am planning on using this book as our spine. Whenever a particular princess' story appeals to Adrienne, we will read extra books and research a little more.

I find that, for subjects like history, geography or science, when I try to follow a curriculum or a more textbook approach, it just doesn't seem to work for us. When I make up our own studies, then we enjoy them and learn so much more!