Flow 29 Jours ~ Un Challenge Photo sur Instagram

Day 24 of the challenge #Flow29jours

Bonjour! Je me suis bien amuse avec ce challenge! 

Don't worry, I will write the rest of this post in english!!

I had so much fun participating in this challenge this past month on instagram. I love photo challenges and it was wonderful to connect with the French instagram community through this challenge. 

Flow is a lovely French magazine. I think it is also available in English, German and Dutch. I came across their French instagram account through my best friend Rachel who still lives in France. 

I decided to participate by posting a daily photo based on the prompt and write the caption for each in French on my life on island studio IG account  . It felt great to do this each day and I will be missing it! 

These were the prompts: 

Below are my 29 photos. You can read the captions, if you like, by visiting my studio instagram or my Facebook blog page (I had shared each day's photo there too!). 


  1. So that's what you were doing! I loved your pictures - but don't understand French at all ;-)


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