Great Backyard Bird Count 2016

On Valentine's Day, I did the Great Backyard Bird Count, from my kitchen, looking out to the backyard. In previous years, we went to a local park or went outside, but the temperature was very cold and Celeste has been sick. 

I only saw a few birds during the twenty minutes I looked out the window. Maybe the cold temperatures was a reason I didn't see many at that time. It has been very cold, with windchill temperatures around -20 degrees Celsius. Here is the list I reported to the GBBC site:

1 American Crow 
4 Herring Gull
2 European Starling

Great Backyard Bird Count

Participating in this event was one of my Nature Study Goals for this year, so that item is now half completed. My goal was to participate in this one and one more citizen science project...I still need to figure out which one!